Black Clouds / Tigers Jaw Split Delayed Due to Legal Issues

Upcoming Run For Cover Records split between Tigers Jaw and Black Clouds has been delayed due to some legality issues regarding Black Clouds name. Supposedly there’s another band with the same name that claim rights, so Run For Cover has to reprint all of the sleeves so that there isn’t some sort of infringement. Lame, […]

RUMOR: A Day To Remember Suing Victory Records

The Gunz Show have reported that A Day To Remember are planning to sue Victory Records to become free of all legal obligations. They are currently bound to the label but are apparently not going to write any more music until the band is free from the label. More news on this rumored story to […]

Hostage Calm Give Away Their Self-Titled Album

If you have yet to discover the rock glory that is Hostage Calm, your day is about to get endlessly more awesome. Maybe because they want more exposure, but definitely because they are some of the greatest dudes in music today, Hostage Calm have decided to make their recent self-titled album available for free. That’s […]

BREAKING NEWS: Conrad Murray Found GUILTY Of Involuntary Manslaughter

Over a year after the death of pop legend Michael Jackson, we finally have an answer as to whether or not Dr. Conrad Murray is guilty of manslaughter. Today, a jury of his peers in the state of California found Guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter. There is obviously going to be a ton […]

Demi Lovato is back on track

After sorting out some of her legal issues from 2010, Disney star, Demi Lovato, is recording music once again. Click here for more information.

Scarlet Grey give away EP

Scarlet Grey are giving away their latest EP, Fancy Blood, through their Facebook. I highly suggest you take advantage of this offer as Fancy Blood is one album you won’t be able to put down.