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Two More ‘Lego Movie’ Films Are On The Way

Animation fans, rejoice. Warner Bros. have unveiled a schedule for all of their DC movies through 2020, and in the process they have shared two more dates reserved for future Lego Movie films. According to the list, those dates are 2018 and 2019. We already know that the next Lego film, Ninjago, will open on September 23, 2016 […]

This Is Not A Joke: A ‘Peeps’ Movie Is In Development

Easter may have come and went, but the marshmallow treat most commonly associated with the bunny side of the holiday has one more surprise of its sleeve. News broke this morning that development is underway for a film based on the confectionery treats known as Peeps. Yes, Peeps. The sugar-coated, animal-shaped delights that fill Easter […]

‘The Lego Movie’ Announces Channing Tatum As Superman

He was the sexiest man alive last year, this year he’s a new dad but by 2014 Channing Tatum will just be another block head. The Lego Movie directors announced this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con that Tatum will be the voice behind their Superman. Tatum joins what is being dubbed “the greatest cast ever […]