Lover The Lord Has Left Us…

10 Years Later: The Sound Of Animals Fighting’s ‘Lover, The Lord Has Left Us…’

“Lover, the lord has left us,” answered Charlemagne, though he wasn’t sure if Penelope could hear him, “if ever the lord was here.” – “Charlemagne & Penelope” by Chris Haynie We all have that band or artist which opened our eyes to the broader spectrum of what music is capable of being. From getting a […]

The Sound Of Animals Fighting Reissue First Two Albums On Vinyl

The Sound Of Animals Fighting just dropped a killer deal in their online merch store. They’ve reissued their first two albums, Tiger And The Duke and Lover, The Lord Has Left Us… on vinyl. They have two variants of each album available both with limited pressings. They were offering 20 test pressings for each variant, […]