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Max Landis Set To Rewrite Sony’s ‘Houdini’

Sony’s had this Houdini movie in the waiting room for years, but it looks like its time has come. Max Landis, the young writer behind 2012’s Chronicle, has been pegged to revamp this long-awaited script. TheWrap’s Jeff Sneider tweeted about Landis and Houdini today, confirming the news. The 28-year-old actor/writer/director would’ve done it himself but […]

DAMMIT: John Landis Says Fox Wants “Chronicle 2” To Be “Chronicle” All Over Again

Between yesterday’s news of Taken 3 moving forward and this, I think it’s safe to say whoever is making decisions at Fox is sitting atop the UTG shitlist. John Landis’ son, Max Landis, became a must-know name earlier this year when his found footage superhero film, Chronicle, made a big splash with February moviegoers. The […]