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REVIEW: Vanna – ‘Void’

Artist: Vanna Title: Void Label: Pure Noise Records Genre: Hardcore Like a steam locomotive, Vanna have become a seemingly unstoppable force that has only gained momentum with each and every release. Though their thrashy spin on hardcore has always been their central driving force to their music, it was the creative risk-taking and progression displayed […]

EDITORIAL: 10 Years of Underoath’s ‘They’re Only Chasing Safety’

“Believe me, man! If you’re into any of that ‘screamo’ stuff, you’ll love this record! Just give it a shot and let me know what you think”! I can still remember those exact words spoken to me as my friend returned my iPod Nano after a day of uploading it with the contents of his […]

Unearth Announce ‘The Oncoming Storm’ 10th Anniversary Tour

If you were a young metalhead who looked forward to attending Ozzfest every summer, 2004 was a monumental year. It was a year that saw the release of Lamb of God’s Ashes of the Wake, Killswitch Engage’s The End of Heartache and Shadows Fall’s The War Within, all of which I considered before ultimately deciding […]

MUSIC VIDEO: I Killed The Prom Queen – “Thirty One & Sevens”

It’s good to know that there are bands like I Killed The Prom Queen who are capable of building above and beyond what they’ve done in the past, even if their most recent full-length was released more than seven years ago. Fans were skeptical when news of the group’s signing to Epitaph Records first broke […]

The Chariot 2013 Feature

EDITORIAL: This is a Celebration – Some Parting Thoughts on a Band Called The Chariot

Call it weird, but there was always this part of me that had known deep down inside that One Wing would be The Chariot’s final album. Yes, this Douglasville-based act had already released four prior albums as well as a label-released demo EP [talk about an oxymoron], but it wasn’t until that summer in 2012 […]

Impending Doom

UTG INTERVIEW: Impending Doom

With every year, there are always a plethora of albums which surprise fans due to how much of a change it is from their previous work. Whether people see it as a good change or a bad change, it’s still a change worth talking about, and that’s exactly the case with Impending Doom and their […]

Woe, Is Me Announce Breakup

Even from the outside perspective, this breakup couldn’t have been more predictable after all of the drama that’s come from Woe, Is Me over the past couple of years. Although frontman Hance Allgood, does not say if that drama has directly led to the band’s decision to break up, he does share a lot in […]

Norma Jean Wrongdoers

ALBUM STREAM: Norma Jean – ‘Wrongdoers’

You know something that excites us enough to share with all of you great people after midnight? Norma Jean have partnered with Loudwire today to stream their forthcoming album, Wrongdoers. The album hits stores in a few days (August 6, to be exact), meaning that if you like what you hear tonight (or this morning, […]

ABR RR Featured Image

REVIEW: August Burns Red – Rescue & Restore

BAND: August Burns Red ALBUM: Rescue & Restore GENRE: Metalcore LABEL: Solid State Records You know that old pizza shop around the corner of your house or apartment? If you don’t have one, just pretend you do, and follow my lead on this introduction. Remember back in the day when it served only 2 or […]

STREAM: Woe, Is Me – “Stand Up”

Seven months after the release of Genesis, Woe, Is Me are back at it again with “Stand Up,” a track that the Atlanta-based metalcore band have been performing live on the Monster Energy Stage of the North American Vans Warped Tour. UTG wants to know what you think of the song: how does it stack […]

Release Info Leaks For Norma Jean’s Sixth Studio Album

Norma Jean have kept quiet about their upcoming album for far too long. So much to the point that several online retailers (like this one or this one) have beaten the metalcore heavyweights to the punch on releasing details for their upcoming sixth album that is currently being titled as Wrongdoers. This will be the […]

August Burns Red

UTG INTERVIEW: Jake Luhrs of heartsupport / August Burns Red

Last week we chatted with Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red, but instead of focusing our conversation on band stuff like their upcoming album, Rescue & Restore, we talked about Luhrs’ nonprofit, heartsupport. The frontman will be busy round the clock on every single day of this summer’s Warped Tour working as hard as he […]