Kermit Has Vanished: ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ Trailers Revealed

“It’s not easy being mean.” Kermit is back! Well, he’s back, but he’s gone missing! He’s been mixed up with a thief! In the upcoming Muppets Most Wanted flick, it’s apparent that Kermit has been thrown in jail wrongfully. Hopefully this gets resolved in a timely manner, because come on, we’re going to need that […]

The Muppets Covered Nirvana (Seriously)

As you may or may not be aware, The Muppets arrives in theaters November later this month and as such, a soundtrack for the film has been released. Contained on that recording a cover of the Nirvana classic “Smells Like Teen Spirt.” Don’t worry, we have the audio. Before you click past the jump and […]

[Another] MOVIE TRAILER: The Muppets

A new trailer for The Muppets has arrived online and you can view all the puppet-y fun right here on UTG! We’ve seen a lot of adds for the upcoming return of The Muppets, but this is actually the first trailer to show anything related to the plot of the film. Apparently Amy Adams and […]

Ok Go music video featuring The Muppets

The Muppets are on their way to taking over theaters on November 23 and today they have released The Green Album. This tribute album features Ok Go, Hayley Williams, My Morning Jacket and many more. Ok Go have released their fun music video, with help from Kermit and the gang, for “Muppet Show Theme Song.” […]

Hayley Williams, Weezer, and More on “Muppets: The Green Album”

The Muppets will not be hitting theaters until November 23, but the soundtrack will arrive three months earlier on August 23! Packed with the likes of Hayley Williams, Weezer, and more, something tells us this will be one of the biggest soundtracks of 2011. Also, Muppet films are known for musical numbers, so you better […]