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UTG INTERVIEW: Andrew W.K. Continues To Spread Party Philosophy

For Andrew W.K., partying isn’t just a weekend pastime. It isn’t the thing he looks forward to during the day or the thing he regrets doing the next morning. For Andrew W.K., partying is life — and life is partying. The two go hand-in-hand, but also, for Andrew, partying means more than getting together with […]

HOLY SH!T: Andrew W.K Named Cultural Ambassador to Middle East By US Department of State

Just when you thought Andrew W.K. couldn’t get any more cool or awesome, he gets named a cultural ambassador by the United States government. Yes, you read that correctly. According to his website, Andrew in the coming months will be traveling over to the Middle Eastern country of Bahrain to share his music with and talk to […]

Andrew WK is [or is not] an impostor

For years, the artist known as Andrew WK has been accused of being an impostor. People often referenced multiple names [including Steev Mike] and now it seems some of what has been said may be true. On a recent trip as a motivational speaker UK, the man who stood on stage as Andrew WK said, […]