‘Expendables 3’ Leaks 3 Weeks Early, Pirated Copy Downloaded 189,000 Times in 24 Hours

Somewhere in the world right now Sylvester Stallone is pissed. Somewhere else, a recently fired Lionsgate employee is crying into a pillow about making a mistake that may have cost the iconic studio tens of millions in lost profits. Wednesday night, a DVD-quality copy of the upcoming movie Expendables 3 leaked online more than three […]

Prince Drops $22 Million Lawsuit Against Bootleggers

Bootlegging, or the act of filming and sharing videos shot at live music performances, is one form of piracy that is often overlooked by many, but one which still carries with it harsh consequences. Several days ago, 22 Prince fans found this out the hard way when the music megastar decided to sue each of […]

Quentin Tarantino Suing Gawker For Sharing Leaked ‘Hateful Eight’ Script

Do not mess with a creative man scorned by piracy. The Hollywood Reporter is running a story this morning that claims filmmaker Quentin Tarantino is suing Gawker after the news and entertainment website posted his leaked Hateful Eight script without his permission. Last week, Quentin Tarantino made headlines worldwide after revealing to Deadline he would […]

200,000 People Have Stolen ‘Beyoncé’ In The Last 10 Days

Beyoncé proved she was above the rules of music industry promotion when she surprised the world with the unexpected release of her new, self-titled album earlier this month. No one knew exactly how the record would fare, but as the Soundscan reports began to roll in it became incredibly clear Mrs. Carter had left a […]

Ron Burgundy Discourages Piracy In New “Public Service Announcement”

It is no secret that over the past decade digital piracy has become a widespread concern for both the music and film industries. As nimble-fingered thieves have continuously gotten smarter, authorities have likewise had to find new ways to combat them, and though many tiny battles are won each day, the war still wages on […]

The Black Dahlia Murder

The Black Dahlia Murder Frontman Speaks Out To Fans Who Pirate His Music

Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder recently took to his band’s Facebook page to detail some of the issues of piracy with fans of his band and how they affect their personal livelihood. Some things just need to be said and addressed, and while Strnad brings a strong point and piracy is one of […]

MOVIE STREAM: The Pirate Bay – Away From the Keyboard

Today, director Simon Klose released his new documentary The Pirate Bay – Away from the Keyboard online for free via YouTube and unsurprisingly The Pirate Bay. It’s not just a trailer or clips, it’s the entire film. Best part? The world première of the film is slated for today at the Berlin International Film Festival. Once […]

TRAILER: Downloaded

UTG has been bringing you a fair amount of trailers recently, but this one is more poignant to you and the rest of our audience than ever. Today we would love to share with you the trailer for the documentary Downloaded. This documentary tells the story of infamous illegal file sharing website Napster, and the […]

Real Talk With Pop Evil’s Chachi Riot: “Piracy”

Keeping with our ongoing efforts to further expand into as many areas of music as possible, UTG is hoping to engage in real discussions with mainstream rock fans in our latest column, Real Talk. Hosted through weekly video blogs by Pop Evil drummer Chachi Riot, Real Talk is a recurring feature about the state of […]

Mega Logo

MegaUpload to Return; Controversy to Follow

A year ago, we brought you the news of the biggest Internet raid ever conducted. MegaUpload fell in a firestorm of FBI raids and arrests. Kim Dotcom has since been battling in courts and checking in with parole officers while simultaneously complaining on his social feeds to anyone that will listen and planning something. Something new. The […]

Sex, Drugs, And Bubblegum Pop (Week 33)

Sex, Drugs, And Bubblegum Pop is the most outlandish column on UTG. Written by Mr. Jayce, vocalist for Secret Secret Dino Club and all-round funny guy, this column isn’t as much about the music as it is the experiences people in the music industry have. WARNING: This column does and will continue to contain content some readers […]

Gilbert Gottfried & Victory Records hate piracy

Gilbert Gottfried & Victory Records have taken a stance against digital piracy in a new video PSA. Check out the clip after the jump.