tidus is alive sep aside new single

Tidus Is Alive Drops New Music Video For “Step Aside”

One-man popcore project Tidus Is Alive has released a heavy and melodic new music video for the track “Step Aside.” The track musically falls in the vein of bands like A Day To Remember and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! — so you know you’re in for a roller coaster ride when spinning it. One minute […]

MUSIC VIDEO: These Hearts – “Been Through Hell”

North Dakota pop-core band, These Hearts, have released a brand new music video for their track “Been Through Hell” which you can view after the jump. The music video features the band leaving to go out on the road, showing the fans how the littlest things in life can be enjoyable with your best friends […]

REVIEW: A City Serene – The Widows Walk

Artist: A City Serene Album: The Widow’s Walk Genre: Post-hardcore/dubstep/screamo (their own description) Label: [Unsigned] A City Serene can be applauded for one thing, and one thing only where this is concerned – brevity. They excel in the ruination of a good song with crap vocals too, but to their credit they only use five […]

REVIEW: That’s Outrageous! – Teenage Scream

“Is that enough though? Is entertaining people with beats and riffs, just allowing them to escape for 30 minutes, enough to call something a “good record”? That isn’t something I can tell you. To be honest, no, I probably won’t be buying a copy of Teenage Scream when it arrives in stores July 19, but I can promise you A LOT of people will. If you need a hardcore-meets-party album to be the soundtrack of you Summer, this is it. Without a doubt, the most fun you’ll have with 808s and blast beats this season (if not the whole year).”

REVIEW: These Hearts – Forever Ended Yesterday

“So, alas, These Hearts and I did not get along. They certainly know what they want to sound like, and make some admirable efforts, but it’s not anything that I’d be welcoming into my speakers anytime soon. They’re lightweight and lucrative and sure to delight the legions of scene children, but if you want any depth or spark to your music, skip on by.”

Eyes Set To Kill – The World Outside

Artist: Eyes Set To Kill Album: The World Outside Genre: Screamo/Popcore Label: Break Silence After two successful releases using nearl the same exact tracks [just a difference in distribution], Eyes Set Kill are back with their Sophomore effort, The World Outside. The band has gone on record [quite recently] saying this record was written with […]