Hellogoodbye Post Second Album Teaser

Pop connoisseurs Hellogoodbye released the second teaser trailer for their upcoming album. In this update, Forrest Kline gives us all a taste of the specific direction the tracks are heading. There are also splices of new material in the clip provided. A brand new album from Hellogoodbye is expected to drop in fall 2013 so […]

What Happened In Vegas Made Fake Passes; Kicked Off Warped Tour

What Happened In Vegas have posted a video response explaining being in possession of fake Warped Tour passes earlier today in Camden, NJ. The band tells us that they made the specific passes (only) so they could get into and out of the shows each day with ease. This action has forced the Warped Tour […]

Tim Lambesis Speaks On Arrest And Being Under House Arrest

We all know that parties involved in court cases are not allowed to speak about said court cases, and unfortunately this is no different, so we won’t be able to get any juicy details on Tim Lambesis‘ trial quite yet. In the meantime, we do get to hear a little bit of his side of […]

Nate Barcalow forms Reverend Crow, his second post-Finch band

Nate Barcalow, the former vocalist for Finch, formed Earthbound Ghost shortly after Finch disbanded. Earthbound Ghost’s social media went cold on July 4, after it tweeted “Demo is getting mixed down as we speak. Get ready!”  Three weeks before that, on June 13, 2012, a different band from Temecula, California featuring Nate Barcalow started its […]

Alexisonfire Post Message & Farewell Tour Dates

Alexisonfire have posted up their message, as predicted, along with the dates of the band’s farewell tour. This tour has absolutely NO US DATES so you know there is going to be a ton of backlash. Read the message and view the itinerary below. “As promised in 2010 – we’re back for a Farewell Tour. […]

Papa Roach Announce New Album ‘The Connection’, Post Music Video Preview

Rockers Papa Roach have announced that they will be releasing their upcoming effort, The Connection, on October 2 via Eleven Seven Music. On top of this album news, the band plan on releasing their single “Still Swingin” on July 24 so be sure to look out for that. Please head through the jump to watch […]


Hayley Williams Talks About Paramore’s New Album

Hayley Williams, lead singer of pop-punk powerhouse Paramore, opened up in a recent blog post about the new album they are in the process of recording and some of the themes and ethos that are behind it. Paramore has always been a positive band, and in this blog post she talks about why the band […]

Slipknot Post Cryptic Video For Greatest Hits Collection

Slipknot have come back with a cryptic video, that is apparently relating to the release of their Antennas to Hell greatest hits collection. Be sure to check out the video through the jump and tell UTG what exactly you think it means! Antennas to Hell will officially hit stores on July 17 through Roadrunner Records.

La Dispute Post Demo Of “All Our Bruised Bodies”

La Dispute discovered an demo from when they started to record their recent effort, Wildlife, and decided to share it with the whole world today! Read below on what Adam Vass had to say about this particular demo and enjoy by clicking through the link provided. We hope you enjoy this instrumental as much as […]

Emarosa Still Searching For Vocalist, Post Submission Message

Rise Records outfit Emarosa are still on the hunt for a vocalist and have posted a message asking for specific submissions. Please view the statement by looking below and feel free to send the band your information required to try out! Let Under The Gun know if you entered to audition as well. “During the […]

Rocky Loves Emily Post Tweet For A Track “Paper and Pen”

Rocky Loves Emily adore their fan base and are offering up a special treat for you all tonight! In exchange for one single Tweet, or Facebook post, the band’s song “Paper and Pen” can be yours at absolutely no cost. We don’t think that is too painful of a task. Please click on the link […]

The All-American Rejects Reveal Album Title/Post Teaser Video

It certainly looks like 2012 will be a busy year for The All-American Rejects. The band have revealed that their new album, set for a spring 2012 release, will be titled Kids In The Street. Check out what the band is saying about the album and more by watching their teaser video below! Are you […]