Hostage Calm FInish Writing Process For New Album

Hostage Calm are amped to reveal they have finished the writing process for their new album. View the entire statement from the band below and let UTG know if you are excited to hear new music soon! We will have more from Hostage Calm in the weeks to come. “Hey! You may have noticed that […]

Bring Me The Horizon Begin Writing Process

Bring Me The Horizon have revealed that they are beginning the writing process for the follow-up to There Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret. Read the official Tweet from BMTH by simply looking below and let us know if you are excited for new […]

Pierce The Veil Update On Recording Process

Rockers Pierce The Veil decided to post a small message on their official website updating fans on the time spent these past few months. The group will be making their way into the studio very soon so stay tuned. UTG is amped to hear new material from PTV and we will be keeping you posted […]

Mixtapes Finish Writing Process For Record

Mixtapes have finally finished the writing process for their debut album. The band will begin the recording process in January. Check out a tweet from the band below! “Album is done being written! Need one more song title, best one thrown this way tonight wins, hit us with your best shot!” We here at UTG […]

Emarosa Detail Writing Process

Remember when Jonny Craig got kicked out of Emarosa? So do we. Since then, the Emarosa camp have been relatively hush hush regarding writing and recording processes from their upcoming effort. Band member Jonas Ladekjaer has opened up a bit about having some time away to prepare new material, expand as musicians and the future […]

Video interview with A Day to Remember

Check out a video interview with A Day to Remember where the guys discuss the recording process behind their most recent release, What Separates Me From You, right here:

Imogen Heap re-inventing the record release process

Imogen Heap is planning to release the first single off of her upcoming album on March 28th. Despite the date, 15 days away, no material for the song, or album has yet been written. Imogen is asking fans to submit bits and pieces of things for her to incorporate into her latest project. She plans […]