Nas Drops Video For ‘Illmatic’s “Represent” After Two Decades

Yes, you read that headline right. There are few people who can drop a new music video for a song that is 20 years old, and Nas is certainly one of them. Of course not every hip-hop artist can stay relevant, respected, and nostalgic all at the same time. But most rappers haven’t put out […]

Weezer “Represent” for Soccer

Grammy award-winning alternative band WEEZER have partnered with the US Soccer Federation to create a video for their new song “Represent.” Link to song in the post.

Represent! The Up, Up, and Away! EP

Band: Represent! Album: The Up Up & Away EP (2009) Genre: Pop/Rock/Electro Label: Unsigned Tracks: 1. Dance! You’re Alive 2. This Is Our Time 3. Four Years 4. Don’t Wake Me Up (Acoustic) 5. Whenever I’m Near You 6. Up Up & Away 7. This Is Our Time (Acoustic) Jared Kocka is the one-man band […]