rob crow

We Interviewed GOBLIN COCK!

From [UTG] Matt: On the crisp winter evening of February the 17th, I had esteemed pleasure of spending a few minutes conversing with Robcore Records label-head Rob Crow. Mr. Crow was there for the evening as guitar tech for (and presumably lead singer of) doom metal rocker Goblin Cock. Rob Crow (RC): I’m speaking today […]

Goblin Cock – Come With Me If You Want To Live

Band: Goblin Cock Album: Come With Me If You Want To Live Genre: Metal Label: Robcore Records Track Listing: 1. Hissless 2. Loch 3. Big Up Your Willies 4. We Got A Bleeder 5. Ode To Billy Jack 6. Beneath The Valley Of The Island Of Misfit Toys 7. Haint 8. Mylar 9. Tom’s Song […]