Pandora Internet Radio Will Have To Pay BMI A Higher Rate For Music

Bad news for avid users of Pandora. According to a decision filed on December 19, the corporation will have to pay more for the music from BMI that it makes available for streaming via its internet radio service. The decision follows a several-month-long court case with BMI in which Pandora sought access to the company’s […]

Pandora Responds To Royalties Controversy

Recently, musician David Lowery wrote a lengthy and in depth blog post about royalties, or lack thereof, he received after a song of his was played over a million times on Pandora. His post has exploded and music sites everywhere are buzzing about what he had to say. The Pandora founder has decided to release […]

Two More Producers Sue Lil Wayne and Young Money Entertainment

Young Money Entertainment, the home of artists such as Lil Wayne and Drake, is back in court again over claims of wrongdoing from two (more) producers. According to documentation, Producers Andrews “Drew” Correa and Marcos “Infamous” Rodriguez have both sued Lil Wayne and Young Money Entertainment separately over unpaid royalties. Correa was hired to Produce […]