Santos Party House

UTG TV: Little Barrie Speak On ‘Shadow’

Last Thursday UTG TV headed into New York City to meet up with our friends in Little Barrie at Santos Party House. Fortunately, we were able to catch them just before they headed to Europe for a UK tour followed by dates in Germany, France, and the Netherlands. For those who are not familiar with […]

UTG INTERVIEW: Comeback Kid’s Scott and Jeremy Discuss ‘Turn It Around’ Anniversary Tour

“maysixteenthtwothousandfive” reads the date on a This Is Hell tour poster framed on my wall above the very desk I’m writing this article from. The poster also lists Comeback Kid, Terror, Modern Life Is War and Sinai Beach. It’s numbered 18/30, but that isn’t the only reason it is near and dear to my heart. […]

Bane Perform New Song Live

Bane have been filmed performing a new song live at the Santos Party House in New York City. According to the band, this song will be coming off of the upcoming Triple B Records Americas Hardcore LP. The song begins at around the 2:55 so watch the live video and let UTG know what you […]