Shayley Bourget

Dayshell Announce “Share With Me” Release Date

Dayshell, the new project of former Of Mice & Men bass guitarist/clean vocalist Shayley Bourget, have announced their new single, “Share With Me,” is set to be released digitally on June 18 in the United States and June 25 in Canada. A teaser for the track and its accompanying music video was posted earlier this year […]

Austin Carlile Has Beef With Shayley Bourget, Nobody is Sure Why

In a recent interview with Absolutepunk’s Jake Denning, Austin Carlile shocked fans by revealing some contempt with his band’s former clean vocalist, Shayley Bourget. In an unexpected response to one of the interviewer’s questions, the Of Mice & Men frontman made it perfectly clear that there are issues with their parted member. This comes as […]

Shayley Dayshell Bourget Talks Leaving Of Mice & Men, Alcohol Issues, & Depression

Shayley Dayshell Bourget, former guitarist/clean vocalist of Of Mice & Men, has released a confessional video explaining his departure from the Rise Records band. I generally like to write a lot about the news, or at least give my opinion, but this article really only requires your time. Shayley Dayshell Bourget is going through some […]

Of Mice & Men Part With Shayley Bourget

Of Mice & Men have announced that they made the decision to part ways with their bassist Shayley Bourget. This news may come as a shock to most but there was some inner turmoil behind-the-scenes and the guys set the record straight with the brand new video announcement. Please watch the video by simply heading […]

Austin Carlile Reveals Fill-In Bassist For AILD Tour

Of Mice & Men have revealed that bassist/vocalist Shayley Bourget will not be performing on their current tour with As I Lay Dying, The Ghost Inside, iwrestledabearonce and Sylosis. Shayley was apparently injured and that’s as much as we know right now. Replacing him on this tour, both on bass and backing vocals, will be […]