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Nightmares For A Week

REVIEW: Nightmares For A Week – Civilian War

Artist: Nightmares For A Week Album: Civilian War Genre: Rock / Punk Label: Broken English / Suburban Home Sure New York’s Nightmares For A Week took a good 3+ years before releasing their sophomore LP, Civilian War, but the time and effort are pridefully shown throughout the album’s raucous ten tracks. For those not acquainted […]

Mike Hale – Lives Like Mine

Artist: Mike Hale Album: Lives Like Mine Genre: Acoustic/Folk Label: Suburban Home Even if you aren’t a fan of acoustic music, there’s something in the story of Mike Hale that should gain some respect from any music fan. This here is a man/artist who set out to make music and tour his life away and […]

We Interviewed Ninja Gun/Suburban Home Recording!

Fest 7 in Gainesville, Florida brought opportunities to get up close and personal with some incredible acts and record labels. On Saturday, November 1st, I had a sit down in the Fest Flea Market with Georgia-based Ninja Gun and Virgil of Suburban Home Recording.    Billy T of UTG: We are here at the Fest with Ninja Gun. […]

LaGrecia – On Parallels

Band: LaGrecia Album: On Parallels Genre: Rock Label: Suburban Home Tracks: 1. Hey Medic 2. You Like Baseball, I Like Ghosts 3. According To My Notes 4. Don’t Wanna Be Right 5. Slower Than Manasses 6. In the Grass 7. Can’t Go Back To Daddy’s 8. Two Shotguns 9. My Lightning 10. Silently Just 11. […]

Ninja Gun – Restless Rubes

Band: Ninja Gun Album: Restless Rubes Genre: Folk Rock Label: Suburban Home Tracks: 1. Restless Rubes 2. Eight Miles Out 3. Red State Blues 4. Darwin Was a Baptist 5. Front Yard Screamers 6. Life is Loud 7. Asking Price 8. Nostradumbass 9. Security 10. The Last Cowboy 11. Permanent Press 12. Breaking Light Of […]