super 8


“f I could give one piece of advice to film makers it would be this, Stay away from aliens. Go to a theatre and watch the previews before any feature film. 90% of the trailers contain alien or robotic bull crap that I honestly don’t want to see any more. Give me a good movie that I can think about. Something that will make me think about how the movie could end, and then throw me backwards with a twist.”

“Green Lantern” opens at number one, performs below expectations

Ryan Reynold’s portrayal of Hal Jordan in The Green Lantern claimed the crown at this weekend’s US box office. The film, adapted from the DC Comics character and series of the same name, brought in an estimated $52.7 million, which is a weaker figure than other recent comic films like X-Men: First Class (55.6mil) or […]

“Super 8” hitting theaters one day early

In a move heralded as the first of its kind, Twitter has partnered with the film Super 8 for a movie promotion unlike anything we’ve seen before. Through the use of a “promoted” hashtag, Twitter will be informing anxious movie-goers of 300 special day-early openings. Yes, this means you can now see Super 8 tomorrow […]