supporting caste

Propaghandi – Supporting Caste

Artist: Propagandhi Album: Supporting Caste Genre: Punk Rock Label: Smallman In 2007 Chris Hannah (from the punk rock band Propagandhi) was sited on their official website as being voted one of the Worst Canadians in History. Reasons for this unique award are unknown. Canada’s National History Society published this posthumous honor in a journal. Believe-it-or-not Hannah […]

Interview: Jord from Propagandhi @ Harvest of Hope!

  As the band has not been to Florida in 8 years, it was the off chance that Under The Gun met with the drummer of Propagandhi to discuss their new album, Supporting Caste. [UTG] Billy T: Tell me your name and your band’s name! Jord from Propagandhi: My name is Jord, and I try to […]