UTG INTERVIEW: Broderick Batts talks living in L.A. and challenging listeners

Musicians in the 21st century are afforded the ability to hurdle their region’s perceived shortcomings, broadcast their artistic vision to the world, and stake their claim in the industry from there. That’s the reason Broderick Batts, a Tampa Bay native, has lived in L.A. for two years after his irresistible fusion of hip-hop, R&B, and soul (referred to as […]

Blistered Stream “Rusted” And Announce Signing To 6131 Records

Blistered is one of the latest bands to break out of Tampa, FL’s flourishing hardcore scene, and their exceptional ability to create some of the most crushing music hasn’t been ignored seeing as how they’ve just been signed to 6131 Records. To go along with the recent announcement of this new found label home, the […]