the mechanical heart


Tuesday, November 29, I arrived at Peabody’s in Cleveland ready for a night packed with a whole lot of talent.  The Wake Up Tour, which consists of New Years Day, Hell or Highwater, Madina Lake, and Me Talk Pretty, were all set to grace the stage.  Despite a lower than normal turnout, every single band […]

REVIEW: New Years Day – The Mechanical Heart EP

“A band like New Years Day is for the Green Day crowd; a dark, yet accessible pop-rock band, they aren’t anything more, but they don’t claim to be. So if you grew up on “American Idiot” era Green Day, or ever listened to My Chem’s “Black Parade”, this album would be right up your alley. And while it’s not exactly my taste, at least they didn’t fall into the “nice people; horrible band” category.”