the serpent servant review

Impending Doom – The Serpent Servant

Artist: Impending Doom Album: The Serpent Servent Genre: Goreship [Christian Metal/Grind] Label:  Facedown If you remember, Impending Doom were one of the first bands to ever b reviewed by [UTG] when we launched last year. To be blunt, we hated them. It’s nothing against their beliefs or their genre, but I simply felt it was […]

First Impressions: Impending Doom – The Serpent Servant

Impending Doom is back and this time, they’re gunning for that number one spot! This was both a shock and relief to me as anyone who has followed UTG from the beginning would know, Nailed. Dead. Risen., the band’s first release, got a ridiculously low score with us. In fact, it is still one of […]