thieves and villains

Thieves and Villains free download

Thieves and Villains have put up a free track called “Spiraling Cases” to the public that has been currently unreleased. Download it here right now.

Thieves And Villains drummer wants to produce

Joe from Thieves And Villains wants to get involved with studio session drumming and also writing drums parts for bands around the New York area. More details can be found after the jump.

The Motel Life/Thieves and Villains tour

The Motel Life and Thieves and Villains have a line up of shows planned together in the US later this month. Dates after the jump!

UTG TV: Thieves and Villains ACOUSTIC!

While on tour with I Call Fives, Victory Records’ Thieves and Villains took time from their busy schedule to perform an acoustic rendition of a new song entitled “Drunk In Amsterdam.” Check it out after the jump!

Thieves and Villains New Release

Thieves and Villains new album SOUTH AMERICA pre-order available now! Link after the jump.

Thieves and Villains – Movement

Band: Thieves and Villains Album: Movement Genre: Pop Rock Label: Victory Tracks: 1. Dry Throats Unite 2. Movement 3. Let Go 4. I Have Spread Some Love 5. Everyone Believes 6. All I Needed 7. Shimmer 8. Who Am I To Say Night 9. Atlantic Lungs 10 Worlds Apart 11. Settle New York Settle We […]