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The Definitive Ranking Of New Found Glory’s 20 Best Songs

There are more listicles than ever these days, and for what it is worth we have tried very hard to not succumb to the temptation of flooding our front page with every meaningless list we could conceive. We pride ourselves on crafting content we would actually want to read ourselves, and though it hasn’t always […]

Panic! At The Disco on FUSE Top 20

Panic! At The Disco were recently on FUSE’s Top 20 for an interview. They talk about Brendon’s demo cds, how “The Calender” is about the break up, and fan’s questions. Check out what they said below:

Panic! At The Disco on Fuse Noise

Panic! At The Discowas recently featured on FUSE Noise to talk about Vices & Virtues and the new writing style. Check out the video below: