HOLY SH!T: Check Out Adam Lambert’s Orwellian Video For “Never Close Our Eyes”

Riding high on the success of his latest album Trespassing, Adam Lambert continues to claim his rightful place atop the pop world this week with the release of his official video for “Never Close Our Eyes.” The clip, which can be found below, borrows heavily from the story and ideals of Orwell’s classic novel, 1984, […]

MOVIE TRAILER: Trespass (Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman)

Sometimes Hollywood likes to show its teeth. In an era where anyone can make a movie that’s much more outrageous than any studio flick, execs are slowly pushing mainstream talent to take on new, more exciting roles than ever before. Trespass, which is lead by the trifecta of Nicolas Cage, Joel Schumacher, and Nicole Kidman, […]