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Morrissey States He Was Not Behind Attempted Takedown Of ‘This Charming Charlie’ Comic

It was recently brought to light that Universal Music Publishing was seeking to take down the Tumblr blog known as This Charming Charlie. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a blog that features Peanuts’ comic strips with the dialogue replaced with lyrics by The Smiths. Sounds awesome, right? Well, they (Universal Music Publishing) […]

Universal Begins Shutting Down Smiths/’Peanuts’ Mashup Tumblr

God save micro-blogging. It’s Friday, and like you we really don’t want to be at work anymore. UTG is fun and all, but most of us work day jobs that put us in front of monitors full of numbers and reports we pretend to work on while secretly sneaking off to enjoy whatever nonsense the […]