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If you are going to discover one new band today, then it should be the Georgia-based metalcore outfit known as Come And Rest. They released their Royal Blood EP earlier this year, and now we’re happy to partner up with the group to premiere the lyric video for a brand new single. The song is […]

HOLY SH!T: The Wonder Years Perform “All My Friends Are In Bar Bands” At GK Holiday Tour, Crowd Goes INSANE

The Wonder Years closed out the GK Holiday tour last night in Danbury, CT with a performance of “All My Friends Are In Bar Bands” that will not soon be forgotten. Joined by nearly everyone on the show, including a crowd surfing Tay Jardine from We Are The in Crowd, Soupy Campbell and crew went […]

UTG TV: Secret Secret Dino Club!

Following a sleepover at the UTG offices, we filmed our great friend Jayce, aka Secret Secret Dino Club, performing 3 BRAND NEW SONGS! “Dot Com” has been arond for a few years, but the version you’ll see below is the new version with an extra verse! The other two tracks will accompany “Dot Com” as […]

New Secret Secret Dino Club!!!

Our good friend Jayce, aka, Secret Secret Dino Club just played a series of shows on the West Coast and thanks to some fans with cameras, we have some new music for you to hear. I [James] have actually heard recorded versions of these tracks and let me tell you, if you like this, just […]

UTG Presents: The Best of 2009 Thus Far…

Can you believe June is upon us already? I feel like just the other day we were buried in Valentine’s Day advertisements or looking for colored eggs, but that was over a month ago. Well, as June is the 6th month and the year has been quite interesting thus far, we’ve decided to bring you […]