No New ‘Indiana Jones’ Movies For a Couple of Years

Disney has confirmed that there will be no new sequels in the Indiana Jones franchise for at least two or three years. According to Variety, Disney, who got rights to the franchise earlier this month, currently do not have plans to begin work on a sequel. Alan Horn, Disney studios chairman, claimed that they are […]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Denies Rumors That He’s Vying For Ant-Man Role

Yes, there are more superhero movies in the works, and one that you might not have known (unless you are nerdy like we are here at UTG) that an Ant-Man movie is set to be released in 2015. Right now Marvel is working on casting some of the roles in the film, including the main […]

Warner Bros. Drops ‘Dumb & Dumber’ Sequel

The ever-twisting tale of the long rumored Dumb & Dumber sequel has taken yet another turn. According to a new article in Variety today, Warner Bros. has chosen to not move forward with the project and will now pursue different features. If you currently find yourself fighting back tears in a fit of emotional rage, […]

HOLY SH!T: Cast And Plot Details For “Hatchet 3” Revealed

If there is one horror series that the UTG staff loves above all others, it’s Hatchet. Brought into the world from the mind of Adam Green, the tale of Victor Crowley has been one that both modernized and rejuvenated the slasher genre, and today we finally learned a bit about the series’ third chapter. Currently […]

DON’T DO IT: Someone Is Trying To Remake “American Psycho”

Dammit, Hollywood. Yesterday I gave you a pass even though news of Grown Ups 2 and the trailer The Three Stooges essentially destroyed all joy I have for comedy, then you go ahead and do something even more idiotic today. Variety is reporting that someone trying to make a name for themselves is attempting to […]

Oh No, “Grown Ups 2” May Be On The Way

As if Adam Sandler and the rest of Happy Madison haven’t learned from their mistakes in 2011 (AKA Bucky Larson and Jack & Jill), a new Hollywood headline has UTG starting to think they have actually gone insane. Variety is reporting that Sandler’s production company (Happy Madison) is in talks with Grown Ups writer (and […]