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Lil Wayne Steps On American Flag During Video Shoot

Lil Wayne has seen his share of controversy over the years. You don’t need to be a fan of his to know that, but this time he might have gone a little too far by stepping on the American flag during a video shoot of “God Bless Amerika.” I’m sure most of you would know, […]

We The Kings post behind the scenes video

We The Kings have posted a behind the scenes video for their new music video for “Say You Like Me.” The video is scheduled to release on November 22. In this update from the band, you can see them in front of a green screen acting for their video game-esic music video. What the video […]

You Me At Six behind the scenes of “Loverboy” shoot

You Me At Six have posted a behind the scenes view from their video shoot for their new single, “Loverboy.” The song will be featured on the band’s new album, Sinners Never Sleep, which will be available on October 3rd. The official music video will be posted on September 25th. Check out the behind the […]

Panic! At The Disco music video details

One of the dancers from the Panic! At The Disco video shoot yesterday spilled some details about it. The video is for the song “Ready to Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind)”, it will have a 20′s feel to it with various costumes and dancing sequences in the rain. The music video will be […]

We Are The Ocean behind the video

We Are The Ocean post a behind the scenes look at their forthcoming music video for, ‘What It Feels Like’. Check out the video after the jump!

AFI Behind The Scenes of Beautiful Thieves

Whenever AFI unveils a video fans immediately react with questions on the video’s meaning — from hidden messages to overall themes. The premiere of the “Beautiful Thieves” was no different, and to sate fans the band has released a behind the scenes look at the video. In the six minute piece each member of AFI […]

Alexisonfire behind the scenes

Look below for a behind the scenes look at Alexisonfire as they shoot their upcoming video for “The Northern.” Alexisonfire – The Northern (Behind the Scenes) from on Vimeo.