LISTEN: New Foo Fighters Audio Clip from ‘Sonic Highways’

As we here at UTG have talked about in the past, HBO’s new eight-part documentary series featuring David Grohl (as the director) and the other members of Foo Fighters, entitled Sonic Highways, is scheduled to hit the airwaves on October 17 this year. The documentary’s trailer showcases bits of the band’s new music off of […]

Vine Superstar Shawn Mendes Signs With Island Records

Today is a weird day for the world of music. After decades of critics and industry hotshots telling artists the key to success is hard work and years of practice, a fifteen year old kid from Canada has signed with one of the largest record labels in the world because his six-second Vine cover of […]

Tilian Pearson Teases Dance Gavin Dance Material

I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but Vine has become an accepted part of our culture and I am now writing news posts on them. Technology, right? heh… If you’re not savvy to the new trend, here are the things you need to know about Vine: It’s like Instagram, but without filters. The pictures […]