UTG INTERVIEW: Emily Hearn Discusses ‘Hourglass’

Singer-songwriter Emily Hearn hails from Athens, Georgia, otherwise known as a town with high expectations for its musical inhabitants. After years of performing at local venues while doubling as a student at the University of Georgia, Hearn is positioned to take her country-tinged pop music to the masses as her songs continue to find success online, […]

HOLY SH!T: First Teaser For Paul W.S. Anderson’s ‘Pompeii’ Is Pretty Cool

Paul W.S. Anderson has become synonymous with the world of Resident Evil over the last decade, but next spring moviegoers will see the director recreate a point in human history rarely seen on the silver screen: The destruction of Pompeii. For those of you who forgot everything you learned in world history class, the Roman […]

WHAT THE FILM!? “Volcano”

What The Film?! is a new weekly column exclusive to Under The Gun Review that brings to light the plot holes Hollywood hoped you’d never notice. Written by comedy writer Dane Sager, this column shows no mercy to films that try and pull the proverbial wool over our eyes. If you know a film with major plot […]