War Games May Be The Next Band To Change Your Life

I was fortunate enough to spend several weeks participating in the Vans Warped Tour during the summer of 2012. My job, which at the time involved working for a music industry start-up focused on new artist discovery, sponsored a stage on the world’s largest traveling festival that offered more than 20 up-and-coming artists a chance […]

Reasonable Remakes: ‘WarGames’

After being laid to rest in the middle of 2013, Reasonable Remakes has been resurrected from the internet archives for a new series of editorials in 2014. Written by Justin Proper, this column examines the potential for reboot glory possessed by films you may or may not remember from years past. Everything below is purely hypothetical […]

EXCLUSIVE: War Games Debut Acoustic Version Of “The Only Debt We Bear Is Love”

There is nothing we look forward to more than having the opportunity to help bands we love promote their new releases, and this afternoon we’re beyond excited to be exclusively premiering the first single from War Games’ upcoming EP. Featuring essentially the same structure, “The Only Debt We Bear Is Love” has been completely stripped […]