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Wayne Static’s Widow Issues Statement, Claims Wayne Did Not OD

The death of any musician is guaranteed to be fodder for gossip columnists and bloggers trying to gain clicks. People tend to jump to conclusions, especially when famous people died at an age earlier than 80. Wayne Static was 48 when he passed away this last week, and in the days since his passing there […]

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Remembering Wayne Static: 10 Songs Everyone Should Know

The news of Wayne Static’s passing has shocked rock fans around the world, including every single member of the Under The Gun team. Many of us grew up listening to Static’s music, and some even cite Wisconsin Death Trip as one of the main reasons they began to explore the world of metal. You didn’t […]

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REST IN PEACE: Wayne Static, Founding Member Of Static-X, Dead At The Age Of 48

Announced minutes ago via his official Facebook page, Wayne Static has been found dead at the (far too young) age of 48. Static, formally Wayne Richard Wells, was the founding member of nu-metal heavyweight act Static-X. No information on the cause of death has been released at this time. The announcment on Wayne’s Facebook page […]

Wayne Static Interview

UTG INTERVIEW: Wayne Static Talks Static X, New Record, Music Industry

A legend and pioneer of the industrial metal era, Wayne Static is still delivering full-force “evil disco” punches with every live performance. Wrapping up the 15-year anniversary tour for the Static X breakthrough record, Wisconsin Death Trip, Wayne’s full of the energy that once propelled him to the top of the industrial world. Like most […]


It is a very, very slow news day. I was thinking of holding off on this until we could write something a bit longer and more fitting, but then absolutely nothing happened and knew you’d want something to read on Sunday afternoon. Speaking with The Gauntlet, Wayne Static recently revealed Static-X is “no more.” You […]