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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Life of Crime’ Is A Sporadically Fun Little Crime-Comedy Romp

Film: Life Of Crime Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Yasiin Bey, John Hawkes Directed By: Daniel Schechter Elmore Leonard, a genius writer who passed away earlier this year, once again has had one of his properties adapted. Life of Crime (based on Leonard’s novel The Switch) can now join the ranks of Jackie Brown, 3:10 to Yuma, and […]

Will Forte is All Alone in ‘The Last Man on Earth’ Trailer

It looks like Fox is ready to get weird. The TV station will be picking up a new comedy series called The Last Man on Earth later this year which stars Will Forte and whose pilot was directed by the guys behind The Lego Movie, Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Seth Cohen is also an executive producer. The show follows Phil […]

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Run and Jump’

Film: Run and Jump Directed by: Steph Green Starring: Maxine Peake, Will Forte It’s a long way from Nebraska to Kerry. Will Forte is probably the last person you’d expect to see in the charming Run and Jump, an unexpectedly uplifting film about a family in rural Ireland struggling to deal with the aftermath of […]

Mumford And Sons Recruit Jason Bateman, Ed Helms, Jason Sudeikis, and Will Forte For “Hopeless Wanderer” Video

Love them or hate them, Mumford And Sons have carved a nice little niche out of the mainstream for themselves and show no signs of going anywhere anytime soon. That said, just because they’re super popular these days does not mean they don’t have a sense of humor about the oddity that is their rise […]

Will Forte Claims ‘MacGruber 2’ Is Still On The Way

The world of music has been way too quiet today, so we’re supplementing our usual onslaught of video headlines with some film updates you’ll be crazy about. According to Rolling Stone, former Saturday Night Live star Will Forte is still planning on bringing his sketch-based character MacGruber back to the silver screen. Speaking with RS […]