REVIEW: Stillglow – ‘Wrath’

Artist: Stillglow Album: Wrath Genre: Post-Hardcore Eccentricity is an art in of itself. The process of combining intertwining elements into a cohesive piece of work is a difficult thing, but certainly something post-hardcore act Stillglow strive for. With their new EP Wrath, the band aggressively shoves influence after influence into the listener’s mouth, sometimes making […]

Lamb of God – Wrath

Artist: Lamb of God Album: Wrath Genre: Metal Label: Epic Tracks: 1. Passing [Instrumental]  2. In Your Words 3. Set to Fail 4. Contractor 5. Fake Messiah 6. Grace 7. Broken Sands 8. Dead Seets 9. Everything to Nothing 10. Choke Sermon 11. Reclamation Lamb of God formerly known as Burn the Priest finally released […]