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STREAM: Yours Truly – ‘Brutally Honest’

Check out a great new pop-punk 4-piece from UTG’s home state. Detroit Michigan’s Yours Truly just released their debut full-length, Brutally Honest. The album has an upbeat Fall Out Boy-inspired sound with total attitude. In fact, it’s pretty much the sound we all wished Fall Out Boy would have pursued before they went full-on stadium […]

Ariana Grande Tells Us What Makes Someone Good “Boyfriend Material” On New B-Side

I am officially in love with Ariana Grande. The buzz surrounding Ariana Grande has steadily risen since the fall of 2013, and now that her album is nearing its one-year anniversary the pop starlet has begun sharing some material that did not make the final cut. The latest b-side to surface, a full song titled […]

WATCH: FKA twigs Performs “Hide” in Mexico

Young Turks signee, FKA twigs, is quite the enigma, but she’s emerged a tad more in the past few months after dropping her stellar, 4-track EP2 back in September. I initially fell in love with her song “Water Me” and the very Chris Cunningham-esque video that accompanied it, so I’ve had my eyes on her […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Paradise Fears – Sanctuary

Paradise Fears have released the visuals for their new single “Sanctuary” and can be seen by heading through the jump! This worship track and video shows us that music can be used to help people look inside themselves for the true beauty. One of the band’s outlets is through Church. If you are enjoying this […]

Bud Gaugh Leaves Sublime With Rome

Sublime With Rome will now become Sublime without Bud Gaugh. On the 22nd Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas Bud and the rest of the gang revealed that this would be his last show as SWR’s drummer. This reason comes as no shock seeing as how Bud is having another kid and wants to be there […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Sublime With Rome – Take It or Leave It

Just recently reformed, Sublime With Rome have just released their latest video, “Take It or Leave It.” This single is off their debut 2011 album, Yours Truly, and has been on repeat for the entire staff. Now Rome is no Bradley Nowell but their collaboration works almost as well as clockwork. Be sure to check […]

Sublime With Rome perform “Same Old Situation” acoustically

Rome from Sublime with Rome has posted a video to YouTube of the band’s song “Same Old Situation” from their new album Yours Truly. The album is now available in stores, so be sure to check it out! Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Sublime With Rome on MLB Concert Series

Sublime With Rome recently sat down with MLB Fan Cave Concert Series for an interview and to perform “Take It Or Leave It.” The song comes off their new album Yours Truly, which is now available. Check out the video below and leave us a comment on your thoughts.

Sublime With Rome headlining FBR Anniversary Show

Sublime With Rome will be headlining the second date (September 8th) of the Fueled By Ramen 15th Anniversary weekend. The event takes place at Terminal 5 in New York City. Are looking forward to going to this huge event?

REVIEW: Sublime With Rome – Yours Truly

“There will be those who claim Yours Truly is a disgrace or somehow a slap in the face of the Nowell family, but that is simply not true. Yours Truly is a welcomed second chapter two a legacy of sonic and emotional connection between a band and their fans. Yes it is different, but it is also very rooted in tradition.”

REVIEW: Paradise Fears – Yours Truly

Yours Truly is a sprightly experience, one that certainly makes a valiant effort to take your breath away. It could be just me that didn’t quite react in any definitive way, as there is plenty of promise and some very enjoyable tunes here, particularly the title one. I just can’t figure out whether it’s sincere and lovable, or slightly turgid. Either way, probably best to take it at face value and play on. Give it a spin for cheeriness alone.”

STREAM: Sublime With Rome – Lovers Rock

Sublime With Rome have posted their song “Lovers Rock” for fans to stream. The song will be featured on their upcoming album Yours Truly, out July 12th on Fueled By Ramen. Check out the song below.