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Means – To Keep Me From Sinking

Band: Means Album: To Keep Me From Sinking Genre: Rock/Hardcore Label: Facedown Tracks: 1. Awareness 2. Breaking In 3. Somewhere Up Ahead 4. Blackout 5. Steadily 6. We Dwell in Possibility 7. Burned Into Me 8. Refuge 9. What We Seek 10. Of Dread and Dreams When you receive an album from Facedown Records, you […]

The President of the United States of America – These Are Good Times People

Band: The Presidents of the United States of America Album: These Are The Good Times People Genre: Punk/Ska Label: Fugitive Tracks: 1. Mixed Up S.O.B. 2. Ladybug 3. Sharpen Up Those Fangs 4. More Bad Times 5. French Girl 6. Truckstop Butterfly 7. Ghosts are Everywhere 8. Loose Balloon 9. Flame Is Love 10. So […]

Untitled 7" – La Dispute [AND INTERVIEW!!!!!]

Band: La Dispute Album: Untitled 7″ Genre: Punk/rock/Party Prog Label: Self Released/No Sleep Tracks: 1. Only Everything Below 2. Shall Never Lose It’s Power I know it may seem silly for UTG to do a write up on a two song ep, but from the moment you hear the first notes of, “Only Everything Below,” […]

Nerf Herder – IV

Band: Nerf Herder Album: IV Genre: Pop Punk Label: Oglio Tracks: 1. Oh Me, Oh My 2. Golfshirt (Part 2) 3. High School Reunion 4. WTC #7 5. Dianalee 6. Crocodile 7. (Stand By Your) Manatee 8. Garage Sale 9. Led Zeppelin Rules 10. Dance 11. I’m Not A Loser 12. The Backpack Song The […]

In Flames – A Sense of Purpose

Band: In Flames Album: A Sense Of Purpose Genre: Hard Rock/Melodic Metal Label: Koch Tracks: 1. The Mirror’s Truth 2. Disconnected 3. Sleepless Again 4. Alias 5. I’m The Highway 6. Delight and Angers 7. Move Through Me 8. The Chosen Pessimist 9. Sober and Irrelevant 10. Condemned 11. Drenched in Fear 12. March To […]

The Cute Lepers – Can’t Stand Modern Music

Band: The Cute Lepers Album: Can’t Stand Modern Music Genre: Punk Label: Blackheart Tracks: 1. Terminal Boredom 2. Cool City 3. The News Is Always The Same 4. It’s Summertime, Baby 5. Prove It 6. Modern Pests 7. I’m [Out Of It] 8. Nervous Habits 9. So Screwed Up 10. The Day After The End […]

Cinematic Sunrise – A Coloring Storybook and Long Playing Record EP

Band: Cinematic Sunrise Album: A Coloring Storybook and Long Playing Record EP Genre: Piano Rock/Pop Label: Equal Vision Tracks: 1. Pulling A Piano From A Pond 2. Goodbye Friendship, Hello Heartache 3. Umbrellas and Elephants 4. Our Honeymoon at Weston Hills 5. The Wordless 6. You Told Me You Loved Me Craig Owens and Bradley […]

Jamies Elsewhere – Guidebook For Sinners Turned Saints

Band: Jamies Elsewhere Album: Guidebook for Sinners Turned Saints Genre: Hard Rock/Pop Label: Victory Tracks: 1. Life Ain’t Easy When You’re A Mythical Creature 2. I Didn’t Mean To Interrupt… 3. Late Nights 4. The Love Letter Collection 5. The Saint, The Sword, And The Savior 6. The Politics of Knife-Fighting 7. Play Me Something […]

Steel Train – Trampoline

Band: Steel Train Album: Trampoline Genre: Indie Rock Label: Drive-Thru Tracks: 1. I Feel Weird 2. Black Eye 3. Kill Monsters In The Rain 4. Dakota 5. Alone on the Sea 6. Firecracker 7. A Magazine 8. Diamonds in the Sky 9. Leave You Traveling 10. I’ve Let You Go 11. School is for Losers […]

Beat Union – Disconnected

Band: Beat Union Album: Disconnected Genre: Brit Pop/Powerpop Label: Science Tracks: 1. Disconnected 2. Pressure Zone 3. My Heart Starts Beating 4. Dancing In Our Sleep 5. All On My Own 6. Stay On The Line 7. She Is The Gun 8. Can’t Stop The Radio 9. Johnny Loves Jo Jo 10. Don’t Have Love […]

The Briggs – Come All You Mad Men [Out 6/17]

Band: The Briggs Album: Come All You Madmen Genre: Street Punk Label: Side One Dummy Tracks: 1. Mad Men 2. L.A. 3. Bloody Minds 4. What Was I Thinking 5. Charge Into The Sun 6. Not Alone 7. Ship of Fools 8. The Ship Is Now Sinking 9. Oblivion 10. Until Someone Gets Hurt 11. […]

Blueprints of the Heart – Adapted To The Sound

Band: Blueprints of the Heart Album: Adapted to the Sound Genre: Pop/Rock/Christian Label: Blue Duck Tracks: 1. With Your Never Ending Love 2. On Life and Conduct 3. Afflicted 4. Parachute 5. Define Love 6. Madison 7. What Have We Done 8. Your Sincerity 9. Sweet Dreams 10. Rest Assured 11. Perfect Day 12. Illuminate […]