Blueprints of the Heart – Adapted To The Sound

Band: Blueprints of the Heart
Album: Adapted to the Sound
Genre: Pop/Rock/Christian
Label: Blue Duck

1. With Your Never Ending Love
2. On Life and Conduct
3. Afflicted
4. Parachute
5. Define Love
6. Madison
7. What Have We Done
8. Your Sincerity
9. Sweet Dreams
10. Rest Assured
11. Perfect Day
12. Illuminate

Adapted to the Sound is the first full-length album from east coast band, Blueprints of the Heart. The album marks the group’s first release on Blue Duck records, and is being promoted with shows in the New England area. The group combines pop/rock, vocal harmonies, and a passion for Christianity to create their unique sound. If you are unfamiliar with the band, read the review below to find out everything you need to know about Blueprints of the Heart.

As soon as the first song started, I let out a sigh of discontent. Really? I’ve got to listen to this? The harmonies were decently written and performed, but not in a fashion that blew me away. There is really no hook in the opener either which had me yearning to punch through the keyboard on my laptop, rip out the disc, break the disc in half, and cut my jugular with the jagged pieces. As the disc continued, my desire to die didn’t really magnify, but it was certainly not diminished.

One of the things about this disc that is particular difficult, is that the audio quality seems a bit off. There is a strange digital sound to the album, and the drums sound like they are clipping through the many of the songs. The groups lead singer has a decent voice, but it’s not actually pleasing to the ear, it sounds somewhere between Taylor Hanson and a tone-deaf Backstreet Boy (Howie). When you add in the shady musicianship, fumbled George Harrison-esque guitar solos, you’ve got what many people, myself included, would consider a very boring album.

To our readers, and fans of music I don’t recommend buying this album. If you are a fan of Christian-rock, there are plenty of great albums out there, and this is not one of them. If you are just interested in checking out some new music, you may want to check out some of the other great albums we’ve reviewed here on Underthegunreview. If you’re looking for an expensive coaster for your icy cold beverage, then you should buy Adapted to the Sound by Blueprints of the Heart.

*Written By: Matt Bullock*
GRADE: 1.5/10

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