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Safari So Good – Every Fight Is A Food Fight When You’re A Cannibal

Band: Safari So Good Album: Every Fight is a Food Fight When You’re A Cannibal Genre: Pop Punk Label: Takeover Tracks: 1. A Pirate’s Life For Me 2. The Right To Arm Bears 3. Dogs with Bees in Their Mouths Who When They Bark They Shoot Bees at You 4. You Got it Dude 5. […]

Thee Armada – Rock, Shock & Load

Band: Thee Armada Album: Rock, Shock & Load Genre: Pop Punk/Rock Label: Foundation Recordings Tracks: 1. Rock, Shock & Load 2. Along The Way It’s become apparent to me that every region of the USA has a hotbed for musical talent. In the East, we have New Jersey and their ever-influential pop punk sound or […]

Hannah’s Field – Warriors of Love

Band: Hannah’s Field Album: Warriors of Lover Genre: Rock? Label: Rastafairy Tracks: 1. Angel Land 2. Puff Puff Give 3. Darius 4. Rosie Rise 5. Zen Mind 6. Weed and Meditation 7. I Belong 8. Warriors of Love 9. Boss Man 10. Work Song 11. Remember My Life 12. Lost Children 13. Praise Hanna’s Field […]

UNSIGNED SPOTLIGHT – Native – We Delete; Erase EP

Band: Native Album: We Delete; Erase Genre: Indie/Rock Tracks: 1. Alpacastan 2. Flashdance 3. What Are You Dylan In My House 4. Ride The Tide 5. Something About Swordsmanship 6. Hey Mon, Hook Me Up ‘Do I think anyone would be hard pressed to find a better music scene than that of the midwest. We’ve […]

The Myriad – With Arrows, With Poise

Band: The Myriad Album: With Arrows, With Poise Genre: Indie/Rock Label: Koch Tracks: 1. You Waste Time Like A Grandfather Clock 2. Get On The Plane 3. Forget What You Came For 4. A Clean Shot 5. The Accident 6. The Holiest of Thieves 7. A Thousand Winters Melting 8. Polar Bears and Shark Fins […]

Ian Walsh – Please Remember

Band: Ian Walsh Album: Please Remember Genre: Indie/Folk Label: Plus 5 Tracks: 1. Unhappy Ending 2. Catch My Eye 3. Now Or Never 4. Perfect Sense 5. As Always 6. Goodbye 7. Supposed To Be 8. I Hope I’m Blind 9. Familiar Place 10. Apology When I first began writing this review for Ian Walsh’s […]

Moneen – It All Started With a Red Stripe [DVD]

Band: Moneen Title: It All Started With A Red Stripe Genre: Documentary Release: 05/13 Distributor: Vagrant I finally dragged myself away from Mario Kart long enough to review the .moneen. dvd “it all started with a red stripe” and I really wish I’d gotten to it sooner. The dvd consists of 4 parts: A mini-documentary, […]

Reggie and The Full Effect – Last Stop: Crappy town

Band: Reggie and The Full Effect Album: Last Stop: Crappy Town Genre: Punk/Rock Label: Vagrant Tracks: 1. G 2. Smith & 9th 3. F 4. E 5. 3rd Ave. 6. L 7. J 8. V 9. Lorimer St. 10. R 11. 36th St. 12. N Three whole years and ten million rumors later, Reggie and […]

Our Conversation with BUDDY from LESS THAN JAKE!

Today, [UTG] James spoke briefly with Buddy from Less Than Jake regarding their new album, new label, upcoming tour, and their evolution as a band. Below you can find the interview that transpired and don’t forget to buy their new album GNV FLA when it hits stores next week [see the nifty banner on the […]

The Aviation Orange/Eric Scholz – Untitled [Split]

Band: The Aviation Orange/Eric Scholz Album: Untitled [Split] Genre: Indie/Folk Label: Feels Like Home Records Tracks: The Aviation Orange 1. CCSS 2. Hips and Maladies 3. Malloriegh 4. Seattle Slide 5. Fade Away Eric Scholz 6. White Fence 7. Lonesome Dan 8. Sure Thing 9. Every Shade of Blue 10. In Your Hands 11. Saturday […]

Unsigned Spotlight -Parade The Day – To Keep Us Moving

Band: Parade The Day Album: To Keep Us Moving [Re-Release] Genre: Piano Rock/Pop Tracks: 1. American Dream 2. Now I’m Awake 3. Break This Town 4. Growing Old 5. Say You’re Wrong 6. City Lights 7. American Dream [acoustic] 8. City Lights [Acoustic] Sometimes I hear a band and want to slap every A&R person […]

The A.K.A.s – Everybody Make Some Noise!

Band: The A.K.A’s (Are Everywhere!) Album: Everybody Make Some Noise Genre: Punk/Rock Label: Metropolis Tracks: 1. This is The Way We Move 2. Confessions of a Dangerous Mouth 3. Dead Flowers Forever 4. In Case I Die Tonight 5. Little Miss Apocalypse 6. We Write Our Own Anthems 7. Deaf Before Dishonor 8. Everything is […]