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The New Single From The Acacia Strain Is Pretty Damn Heavy

We love The Acacia Strain. From their early days spent cutting their teeth in the New England music scene, to their position now as one of Rise Records’ best acts, life has been nothing short of a wild ride for this band, and next month they’ll mark the beginning of yet another new era together […]


Keane Frontman Denies Break Up Rumors, Says Band Will Be Taking ‘A Bit Of Time Out’ From Being Together

What we have here is a classic case of publication versus the artist. One thinks a quote meant the end of one of the UK’s most notable pop outfits in recent memory, while the other couldn’t disagree more. Which is right? Let’s find out. On Sunday (October 20), The Sun reported that Keane would soon […]

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Hopsin Releases “Hop Is Back” Video, Disses Kanye West And Kendrick Lamar

One of the oldest and most successful tools for gaining exposure in the world of hip hop is lyrically taking shots at those people perceive to be the best in the game. In 2013 however, you have to bring a lot of heat yourself before anyone is even willing to hear what you create, let […]


Antarctica To Host Metallica In December?

It appears that Metallica will be heading to Antarctica in December to play a frozen rock show. Drummer Lars Ulrich mentioned last month that something would be on the horizon for Metallica, though I’m sure little were expecting it to be the southernmost horizon. Antarctica is 98 percent ice, so it is surely a given […]


Kanye West Is Engaged

We don’t usually post a lot of celebrity gossip and personal life nonsense, but we do try and say a little something whenever a musician decides to tie the knot. This one was probably a long time coming, but it’s going to be the talk of the day regardless. Last night, Kanye West had girlfriend/baby […]


Tim Burton Considering Directing ‘Beetlejuice 2’

Recently, news sites were reporting that there was a rumor that Tim Burton was in talks to possibly direct a Beetlejuice sequel, but unlike some rumors, this one has been confirmed. While nothing is set in stone as of yet, there is talk of Michael Keaton playing as Beetlejuice again. These details, and more have […]