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Here’s Your First Chance To Hear Metallica’s New Song, “The Lords Of Summer”

Metallica promised fans a new song in 2014, and this morning we have our first taste of the iconic hard rock band’s latest musical offering. Recently, Metallica were performing in Bogata, Columbia when they decided to share a new song rumored to be titled “The Lords Of Summer.” Fans quickly reached for their cell phones […]

Antarctica To Host Metallica In December?

It appears that Metallica will be heading to Antarctica in December to play a frozen rock show. Drummer Lars Ulrich mentioned last month that something would be on the horizon for Metallica, though I’m sure little were expecting it to be the southernmost horizon. Antarctica is 98 percent ice, so it is surely a given […]

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Metallica: Through The Never’

Movie: Metallica: Through The Never Director: Nimród Antal I sat and stared at my computer screen for quite some time before I was really ready to formulate any kind of cohesive thought on my experiences while watching the new Metallica movie, Metallica: Through The Never. In some ways I am still attempting to dilute the […]

Metallica’s 3D Film Hits IMAX Today: Clips Posted

Generations of metalheads are laughing at anyone who ever doubted the relevance and importance of heavy metal to the world of music. Today, IMAX movie theaters around the country will be playing Metallica’s own 3D film entitled Through The Never. The film’s structure parallels between the story of a roadie named Trip and live footage […]

Metallica Release Full ‘Through The Never’ 3D Movie Trailer

After a weekend that saw them performing a surprise set at Comic-Con International, Metallica have uploaded the full trailer to their forthcoming feature film, Through The Never. It seems like we have been discussing the release of Through The Never for nearly a year, but it wasn’t until the full trailer arrived online this morning […]