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Ronnie’s Wife Denies Claims About Ronnie Leaving FIR

There’s been a lot of buzz around Pup Fresh’s news article claiming that Ronnie walked out on Falling In Reverse due to their shows not selling out. While so far we have not heard from the band, Ronnie or their record label, Ronnie’s wife, Crissy Henderson, has taken to Twitter to deny the allegations. There’s […]


RUMOR: Ronnie Radke Walks Out On Falling In Reverse

Pup Fresh has posted some exclusive information on Ronnie Radke possibly walking out on the band he started, Falling In Reverse. Apparently Ronnie has deleted all of the tweets from his Twitter account, which you can see for yourself, here. Not really sure what the motivation behind that would be, but it probably means something. […]

One Last Breath

One Last Breath Part Ways With Drummer, Looking For Replacement

The metalcore outfit known as One Last Breath have announced today that their drummer has decided to part ways with the band. They did not go into specifics, but they did indicate there is no bad blood between the members and they wish him luck on his endeavors. They also announced that they will be […]

Sum 41

Stevo Parts Ways With Sum 41

Stevo, who has been a core member of Sum 41 for the last 17 years, made a seemingly sudden announcement today that he will be leaving the band. He did not go into any details as to why he decided to part ways, but we do have the official statement from him which you can […]

The Ocean Between Us

The Ocean Between Us Vocalist Leaves Band – Opens Up About Financial Hardship

As far as we can tell, this is no prank. Lead vocalist of The Ocean Between Us Judd Wrighton has written a very lengthy statement about his departure from the band. Turns out that because of that and the fact that they couldn’t afford to hire a van driver they had to end their recent […]


Rob Caggiano Leaves Anthrax

A couple of days ago Rob Caggiano, the lead guitarist of Anthrax, announced that he will be parting ways with the band to pursue other endeavors. You can read a full statement from him and another statement from the rest of the band regarding the situation by checking below the jump. The band has indicated […]


Keyboardist To Leave Adestria After Tour

Adestria‘s long time keyboardist, Mikey Colasardo, has announced that after the band’s current tour he will be parting ways with the band to pursue some new career opportunities. While many of us are sad to see him leave the band, we wish him the best of luck in his new endeavors. He has written a […]


Drummer Parts Ways With Ace Augustine

If you’re a fan of the hardcore group Ace Augustine, then today is a sad day indeed! It was announced by the band via their Facebook page that their drummer, Dougie Kent, has made the decision to part ways with the band to pursue a rap career. You can check out a full statement from […]