The Ocean Between Us Vocalist Leaves Band – Opens Up About Financial Hardship

As far as we can tell, this is no prank. Lead vocalist of The Ocean Between Us Judd Wrighton has written a very lengthy statement about his departure from the band. Turns out that because of that and the fact that they couldn’t afford to hire a van driver they had to end their recent tour early. Those, among other reasons which you can read below, have prompted Judd to make the decision to part ways with the band.

I have listened to these guys for years and I am sad to see him leave the band; Financial issues are no new thing to the industry and it’s no surprise that it’s taken a toll on another promising group. We hope that Judd is successful in all his future endeavors.

I know it’s april fools day and i couldnt really choose a worse day to announce this as most of you probably will think its just a prank… I can assure you with the great detail that this is far from a joke. (its after 12 anyways)

But Last week mid tour I decided to part ways with my band. This is why the tour was cut short along with we couldnt even afford to hire the van driver for any more days as it was putting us in serious debt. (Apologies york and london).

I am fully acknowledging that after years of hard work, constant struggling and skinting myself just to push myself that little bit further, taking chances, getting ill, getting constantly messed about by the money hungry industry and obvious disagreements and differences with about 8 different ex and current members ive dealt with over the past few years, it has all gone to waste.
There is only so much i could have done, however to make a career out of music is for the third parties to help you in one way or another, whether its lots of money, general contacts, awesome press, awesome management etc we never had the option for any of that, it has always been based upon nothing other than hard work which of course is the only thing i could have put in that doesnt cost me any money.
Another thing is we recorded our debut album in april last year and was ready to release at the end of summer 2012. Why i had to suffer cleaning toilets for the past 6 months waiting for the day of 25th of march 2013 is beyond me but still it has been far too long since we had a good run in 2011. The wait has done nothing apart from literally watch a line go more and more downhill.
As far as i’m concerned i personally dont think THE OCEAN BETWEEN US will go any further as a band and will reach very few new ears.

Benjamin has sided me with this decision and im not sure at this point what the rest of the guys are going to do. There will probably be some talks later this week. However all i can say is thanks to everyone whos been apart of this for me over the years and to go support our record label by buying a copy of the new album or buying a t shirt or something.

I will always continue writing music and you will be hearing something new musically from me very soon but TOBU is just a non progression in my eyes and i am done wasting my time and efforts with it.
I am also going to continue making music videos and work as hard as i can to get as good as i can possibly be at drawing for a possible future in tattooing (if im ever good enough) and just keep using my creative mind to rolly polly my way through life. Expect big things, expect no things. I dont have a clue what the future holds. i actually have nothing after i fucked up everything i cared about over the past 2 years due to being a social retard and not having my priorities straight.

So i guess it can only get better from here, right?

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