Perez Hilton


Lady Gaga Claims Perez Hilton Is Stalking Her

Oh, Mother Monster, what have you gone and done now? Hours before Lady Gaga took over New York for the premiere of her “Applause” video, the queen of all things theatrical in modern pop music made waves online for a story that has almost nothing whatsoever to do with her highly-anticipated new album. It is […]

Bradley Walden of Squid the Whale

Squid the Whale vocalist covers Adele for Perez Hilton competition

Bradley Walden, vocalist of the very talented, up-and-coming, band Squid The Whale has entered a contest! Perez Hilton, Hollywood gossip guru, recently announced another one of his cover competitions. This time around, he asked those who wished to compete to record their own cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You.” Being an Adele original, this is […]


Lady GaGa video leaks

Lady GaGa planned to unveil her new video for the song “You and I” this Thursday. But her plans were foiled when the video leaked today on multiple outlets, including–surprise, surprise–Perez Hilton’s site.

Mike Posner covers “The Scientist”

Mike Posner has released a cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist.” You can stream Posner’s reinterpretation of the song below. After you listen, comment and let us know which version is better!

John Mayer Apologizes For Using “N-Word” in interview with Playboy

Courtesy of Rolling Stone: John Mayer did some damage control on his Twitter last night, apologizing for controversial statements he made in a “raw” interview with Playboy. (Warning: NSFW, it is Playboy.) In the interview, Mayer talked candidly about his relationship with Jessica Simpson (equating their sex life to “crack cocaine” and “sexual napalm”), why […]