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Summer Essentials: Tyler Lyle Releases ‘The Native Genius Of Desert Plants’

If perfect summer soundtracks are your thing, I confidently declare that this is the album for you. The independent second album from Tyler Lyle, The Native Genius of Desert Plants, is out today and is the perfect follow-up to his 2011 indie-folk debut, The Golden Age and The Silver Girl. This album is mesmerizing and […]

rock hall 2015 ceremony preview

Inside The Rock Hall: A Live Blog From The 2015 Induction Ceremony

Taking place in Cleveland, Ohio this evening is the highly anticipated 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Slated to be inducted in rock’s highest honor this year are fan favorite and legendary acts the likes of Green Day, Ringo Starr, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Lou Reed, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double […]

rock hall 2015 ceremony preview

Everything You Need To Know About The 2015 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductions

Editor’s Note: Under The Gun Review will be at the 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony. This is the third in a series of preview pieces set to highlight this year’s event. Read the first and second in the series. It’s that time of year again – Rock and Roll Hall of […]

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Announces 2015 Presenters and Performers

Yesterday, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced the presenters and performers for this year’s ceremony, which is set to air on HBO this coming May. As reported by Rolling Stone, Sir Paul McCartney will aptly induct Ringo Starr, the always-awesome Stevie Wonder will chat about Bill Wither, and Patti Smith will introduce Lou […]

Jacob Tender’s ‘Best Of 2013′ In Music

‘Tis the season to make the most difficult choices I have to make all year. Seriously, my life is easy enough to make that statement true. I hate making these lists, more-so this year than any year previous. Yet I’m obligated to do so. So here I am. You see, in January, I told myself […]

John Mayer Paradise Valley featured

John Mayer Streams ‘Paradise Valley’

iTunes is exclusively streaming John Mayer‘s highly anticipated upcoming album, Paradise Valley. The album is currently set to be released August 20 via Columbia Records. Listen to the album by heading here. John Mayer has a large amount of tour dates coming up between August 13 and October 26. Some of them are already sold […]

John Mayer Paradise Valley featured

John Mayer Debuts “Wildfire”

Modern rock icon John Mayer is letting his country side show with the release of his latest single, “Wildfire.” Released to coincide with the launch of preorders for his forthcoming album, “Wildfire” is the second song off Paradise Valley to surface in as many months. Like “Paper Doll” it debuts alongside a cinematic lyric video, […]

John Mayer Paradise Valley featured

SINGLE REVIEW: John Mayer – “Paper Doll”

Today, John Mayer did an odd thing. That is to say, John Mayer did something I didn’t expect from him with a few elements that made it strange. See, after years of TMZ interactions, a failed television program featuring Dave Chappelle, and several unforgettable interviews, it seemed to me that John Mayer was settling down. […]

John Mayer - 2012

John Mayer Debuts “Paper Doll”

John Mayer has never been a performer to rush the creative process. In fact, his career has proven he seems to not care how long passes between releases as long as the quality doesn’t slip. With that in mind, it seems Mayer must be bursting with inspiration, because just this morning we learned he has […]

John Mayer - 2012

WATCH: John Mayer Performs “Something Like Olivia” on Ellen

Due to the granuloma that has plagued John Mayer‘s career for the past three years or so, the musician is finally making his comeback, is in good health and is able to perform. He recently performed on Google+ for tons of fans and has announced tour dates in support of his latest album, Born and Raised. Most […]

John Mayer - 2012

WATCH: John Mayer’s Google+ Performance

John Mayer is on the road to recovery and working his way up to a world-wide tour. His Granuloma is on the way out the door and he’s welcoming his voice, albeit a touch different, back into his life. To celebrate and reconnect with fans, he teamed up with Google+ and The Village Studios to put […]

John Mayer - 2012

John Mayer Discusses Granuloma Possibly Returning

John Mayer recently sat down with the people at Rolling Stone to discuss his recovery process from having granuloma removed and the possibility of it actually returning. Read the entire interview through the link provided and keep an eye out for more updates from Mayer. Is it possible the granuloma could come back? Sure. Everybody […]