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New (Old) Music: Kendrick Lamar & Lady Gaga – “PARTYNAUSEOUS”

In order to appreciate this post you need to first time travel back to 2012, before the vast majority of Americans knew the name Kendrick Lamar. With the release of good kid, mAAd city on the horizon, music writers from every corner of the globe are looking for original headlines about the new king of […]

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Release New Jazz Single

Lady Gaga‘s Little Monsters defend her fiercely, but I have never been able to get behind Gaga’s whole thing. I never liked her songs and felt that she was sacrificing the full use of her vocal talent for gimmicks. (Are those torches and pitchforks outside my window? Do people do that anymore?) In her upcoming […]

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Announce Jazz Album, ‘Cheek to Cheek’

Whatever your opinion on Lady Gaga‘s music and persona, the girl can sing. And although his once-tight vibratto is starting to loosen, there is a reason Tony Bennett is known world over for his jazz crooning. The unlikely pairing announced on The Today Show that they’ve combined efforts and produced a jazz album, entitled Cheek […]

Lady Gaga Says Second ‘ARTPOP’ Could Be Out ‘Very Soon’

Lady Gaga is hoping to release the sequel to ARTPOP “very soon,” but will anyone care if she does? Back in 2012 when she was recording, Gaga said she’d written a lot of material and that she was planning on releasing two volumes of the record. One would be the “commercial” one and the other […]

Bill Murray Approves Lady Gaga’s Letterman Performance

She’s won all the music awards out there, been referred to as pop music royalty and performed all over the world, but Lady Gaga has only now finally made it now that Bill Murray has given her the thumbs up. She was on David Letterman this week and gave a show stopping performance with Murray […]

Watch Lady Gaga Willingly Let Someone Puke On Her Repeatedly While Singing “Swine” At SXSW Because Art and Stuff

The problem with extremely creative people finding large scale success early in their careers is that nine times out of ten they are unable to maintain that level of fame for very long. That thing called fame is a monster, you see, and recently it got the best of Lady Gaga. Last night, Lady Gaga […]

Lady Gaga Denies Reports That ‘ARTPOP’ Lost Her Label Millions

Contrary to rumors, Lady Gaga has denied that her new album ARTPOP and its surrounding ad campaign lost Interscope Records over $25 million. Shortly after the release of the record, an Examiner article appeared online claiming that ARTPOP underperformed to Interscope’s expectations, selling 258,000 copies in its first week in comparison to 2011’s Born This […]

STREAM: Lady Gaga – “Do What U Want (Remix) (Feat. R. Kelly & Rick Ross)”

Lady Gaga hasn’t been on top of her game this year, as you may have noticed with the wishy-washy reviews of ARTPOP. She’s brought Rick Ross and R. Kelly to her “Do What U Want” single though for its official remix, and it isn’t that bad. Listen to it after the jump. The remix sees Ross rapping over […]

Life-Size Lady Gaga Dolls Debuted In Tokyo

If you’ve always wanted a strikingly realistic, horrendously creepy, full-scale replica of your favorite pop-star to watch over you as you sleep at night, I highly suggest you keep reading. Yesterday, an undisclosed Japanese company released the “Gagadoll” on to masses of unsuspecting holiday shoppers in Tokyo. The figures, inspired by Gaga’s most recent effort, […]

Highest Paid Musicians Of 2013 Ranked By Forbes

Ready to throw up? If you’re in a cubicle like me right now, reading this list only makes you feel sad and inferior. Forbes has officially released their list of the highest paid musicians of 2013. All of these statistics aren’t based solely on record sales and concert tickets, but musicians with the highest total […]

Lady Gaga Confirms She’ll Perform In Space

She’s worn a dress made of meat, snuggled with a block of ice and rocked an egg on the red carpet. So it’s not surprising that Lady Gaga’s planning on performing in space. The “Applause” singer confirmed she will be the first recording artist to do so in 2015. Gaga was really adamant about not […]

Lady Gaga Streams ‘ARTPOP’ In Full

After months of promotion and teasers, Lady Gaga has partnered with iTunes to premiere her new album in full an entire week ahead of its scheduled release date. If you somehow made it to November without hearing a word about ARTPOP I sincerely want to shake your hand. We have been wading knee-deep in Gaga […]