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Side Saddle Decide Between Pizza and Chinese Food in Video for “Something I Said”

The members of New York’s Side Saddle are divided when it comes to lunchtime. Pizza or Chinese? A predicament indeed. In order to decide, the members face off in a game of football that involves lots of drinking and some killer end zone dances. You can watch the video below to discover which delicious source […]


Foo Fighters Make Their Return to the Stage at a Pizza Place

Last night, Foo Fighters played their first show in over a year — at a pizza place. Proving they’re still the basically coolest band ever, Foo Fighters performed 23 songs for a crowd of about 200 people at Rock & Roll Pizza in Moorpark, CA. The Foos likely viewed the surprise gig as a warm […]

Andrew W.K. 2012

HOLY SH!T: Andrew W.K Named Cultural Ambassador to Middle East By US Department of State

Just when you thought Andrew W.K. couldn’t get any more cool or awesome, he gets named a cultural ambassador by the United States government. Yes, you read that correctly. According to his website, Andrew in the coming months will be traveling over to the Middle Eastern country of Bahrain to share his music with and talk to […]

SHORT FILM: "Order Up"

SHORT FILM: “Order Up”

Directed by Seth Worley, this short, extremely impressive little film tells the story of just what happens when you’re delivering pizzas to space! The effects were reportedly made with Knoll Light Factory 3, a plug in for Red Giant Effect Suite 12, and they look fantastic.


WATCH NOW: Bowling For Soup Frontman in New Chuck E. Cheese Commercial

I’m really not sure how to approach this news article, but the facts are this: Bowling For Soup frontman Jaret Reddick recently lent his voice to the character of Chuck E. Cheese, a mouse that plays guitar at a kids’ pizza place. Yes, the one your parents took you to when you were younger (mine didn’t, […]



HORSE the band have made their impact in the metal scene for over a decade with their original “Nintendocore” sound, raucous live shows, and eccentric cast of characters. They are one of the most “do-it-yourself” bands out there which became very clear after arranging (with help from fans) and funding their own “Earth Tour” in […]