Issues Introduce Their New Drummer; Talk Upcoming Album

Rise rockers Issues recently announced their new drummer is Josh Manuel. The band sat down with Punk Videos Rock to introduce Josh while also talking about writing sessions, the unreleased song “Hooligans,” and pre-Warped Tour festivities. There is quite a lot to discuss, so sit back and enjoy. Check it all out in the informative […]


Anthony Raneri and Nick Ghanbarian of Bayside reveal Gumshoe Radio

Idobi radio has picked up two new reoccurring voices for a Friday time slot that I couldn’t be more excited about. This afternoon, Bayside vocalist Anthony Raneri and Bassist Nick Ghanbarian have announced their brand new radio program, Gumshoe Radio. Beginning  Friday, November 18th from 7 to 9pm EST, you can tune in on […]

Cobra Skulls talk about ‘Agitations’ on Fat Wreck Chords

Cobra Skulls have announced recently that they will be releasing their forthcoming Fat Wreck Chords debut album, Agitations, on September 27. Track-listing is expected soon but UTG has the cover art that can be seen by clicking here. The band’s frontman, Devin Peralta, told press what he feels about the recording process in Motor Studios […]

Want to talk with Craig Owens?

Craig Owens has opened up the flood gates with his recent blog statement. Since the new album from D.R.U.G.S. is available for pre-order today he will be selecting 5 random orders that tweet back to him with a picture of their album receipt today through Friday. Get your copy today and keep your fingers crossed.

Matt Skiba talks new Alkaline Trio

In a recent interview with Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio) JBTV discusses the band’s future material that they’re gearing to release in February. Watch the interview here.

My Chemical Romance talks about latest release

My Chemical Romance talked recently with The Hollywood Reporter about how their new album came together, Jersey Shore and being second to Miley Cyrus. Click the link to view the whole article.


Sick Puppies talk “Maybe” meaning

In a recent webisode Sick Puppies reveal the meaning behind their single “Maybe” off of their third studio album Tri-Polar. Watch after the jump!


A7X Chat on Ustream Today

Avenged Sevenfold whose fifth studio album “Nightmare” was released Tuesday, will chat with fans this Today July 29th at 5PM EST. Link after the jump!


Craig Owens and Mike Shea Talk

The two discuss Craig’s recent project involving Nick Martin and Aaron Stern plus how he’s doing since taken a break from the stage.