Park Could Be Reuniting On Friday

It looks as if a reunion is in the works for rock outfit Park. Check below to view the vague statement from the band and make your own assumptions through the link provided. What do you think could be in the works for Park? Big news coming this Friday, May 17th! But you have to […]

the hands that thieve streetlight manifesto

So Does Streetlight Manifesto’s ‘The Hands That Thieve’ Have An Official Release Date Yet? Eh, Not Quite

You can’t believe everything you see on the internet. Like that album art to the left. Sans text, that’s the cover of Streetlight Manifesto’s fifth album The Hands That Thieve. You should really just ignore the text on that image completely. The Hands That Thieve didn’t come out on November 6. It didn’t come out […]

norma jean

Norma Jean Recorded A New Song This Week And They’re Putting It Out Tomorrow

Metalcore act Norma Jean announced yesterday that they were in the process of recording a new track meant for immediate release some time on Friday, January 10. Yes, tomorrow. The band announced through their Facebook and Twitter pages, “We’re going to release a song on Friday. We’re tracking it live today. We’ll have more to […]

Ice Cube Wants Chris Tucker For “Friday 4”

Talk about a fourth installment in Ice Cube’s insanely-successful Friday film series has been swirling the internet for awhile, but it seems that talk is being actualized in Hollywood, and a new interview sheds some light on Cube’s plans. While doing press for the television version of his Are We There Yet? film series, the […]

Mac Miller Releases ‘Black Friday’ Mixtape

That extremely chaotic shopping holiday, know as Black Friday, is here and people aren’t afraid to deal out a few black eyes to get discounts on televisions and such. In honor of the monotony, Mac Miller has released his collection of songs on his official Black Friday mixtape featuring DJ CapCom. Mac has stated that […]

Anthony Raneri and Nick Ghanbarian of Bayside reveal Gumshoe Radio

Idobi radio has picked up two new reoccurring voices for a Friday time slot that I couldn’t be more excited about. This afternoon, Bayside vocalist Anthony Raneri and Bassist Nick Ghanbarian have announced their brand new radio program, Gumshoe Radio. Beginning  Friday, November 18th from 7 to 9pm EST, you can tune in on […]

SONG CLIP: Blink-182 – Up All Night

Set to be released in full on Friday later today, a clip from Blink-182’s new single “Up All Night” has surfaced online. Click below to check it out: Personally, it feels a little like AVA meets older Blink sensibilities. Production should be epic and we’ll probably dance around the UTG offices like fools for hours. […]

Blink-182 premieres single this friday

Blink-182 will be premiering their new single, “Up All Night,” on July 15th at 7:30am (PST), 10:30am (EST), 3:30pm (UK) on the Los Angeles radio station, KROQ and the band’s official website. You can bet that we will be up early to take a listen and provide some feedback.

Rebecca Black releases new single and an ep comes after

When I first heard “Friday”, like most, I cried a little. “What is the music industry coming to?”, I thought. However, Black’s time came and went. Or so it seemed. It has been revealed today that the 14 year old Youtube sensation is finishing up a 5 track EP. Furthermore, she will be self releasing […]

Katy Perry covers “Friday”

Someone get Katy Perry a late pass. While in Melbourne, Australis on her California Dreams tour, the “I Kissed A Girl” singer performed a cover of Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” You can view video of the performance below, but don’t expect too much.

Rebecca Black fighting Ark Music Factory

Click here to read a story explaining a dispute between infamous internet sensation, Rebecca Black, and Ark Music Factory (the company that produced her single, “Friday.”) The suit has reportedly been brought forth on the basis of copyright infringement and unlawful exploitation of publicity rights.

Stephen Colbert covers Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

Late night comedian Stephen Colbert appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show last night to premiere his cover of Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” You can view the performance below. Now the question remains, whose version is less nauseating? Comment below and let us know!