nick ghanbarian

Anthony Raneri to Record Solo Songs

Bayside lead vocalist Anthony Raneri has finally booked some studio time to record some new solo music. He has mentioned in passing that he would like to record more solo material but Bayside’s plans always come first. Now Bayside is taking some time off from over a year of touring and once the Where’s the […]

Anthony Raneri and Nick Ghanbarian of Bayside reveal Gumshoe Radio

Idobi radio has picked up two new reoccurring voices for a Friday time slot that I couldn’t be more excited about. This afternoon, Bayside vocalist Anthony Raneri and Bassist Nick Ghanbarian have announced their brand new radio program, Gumshoe Radio. Beginning  Friday, November 18th from 7 to 9pm EST, you can tune in on […]

Bayside on Killing Time

Finally! Click here to read an interview with someone in Bayside other than frontman, Anthony Raneri. In this interview, bassist, Nick Ghanbarian, talks about Bayside’s fresh release, Killing Time.